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All About Oath Violations Have you recently received an ECB violation or summons? ECB violations are newly known as OATH violations or hearings. In fact, you may still hear OATH violations referred to as ECB violations. OATH stands for Office of Administration and Trials Hearings. ECB stands for Environmental Control Board. However, no matter how these two terms are referenced, they both mean the same thing. Your building has a NYC building code violation that must be corrected, and once the violation is corrected, you have to submit a Certification of Correctionand either personally appear at the OATH court on the day of your hearing or have someone attend for you.

Understanding OATH Hearings

It’s important to understand that an OATH hearing is not a criminal hearing, and the individual who received the OATH violation is not being summoned to OATH court for a crime. Instead, an inspector arrived and inspected the building and found one or more problems with the building or utility services inside the building that have resulted in the property not meeting current NYC building codes.

Understanding OATH Violations

When you receive one or more OATH violations or ECB violations, you can expect that the document you receive will contain the building owner’s name, address, phone number, OATH hearing date and the location of the property that was found to be in violation of NYC building codes. It’s important to understand that these violations carry stiff fines if the condition isn’t corrected by the listed date. Penalties can range from $1,000 a day to a $1,500 civil penalty in addition to other fees and fines. Therefore, it is in your best interest to read the summons and violation documents and make arrangements for a timely OATH violations correction.

Problems that Lead to the Need for an OATH Violations Removal

Violations are most often received for unsafe conditions, like leaking pipes, improperly installed or hazardous boilers and leaking gas lines, but you may also receive a violation if you have an illegal basement conversion, or if you had work performed on your building without getting the proper permits. The good news is that all of these conditions can be corrected in a timely manner so that you can bring your building back up to code.

OATH Violations Removal with John Farr

John Farr at A-Farr Plumbing and Heating specializes in OATH violations that are the result of plumbing violations. These plumbing violations can be the result of having unpermitted work performed on your gas or water plumbing pipes, boiler pipes or illegal bathroom conversions in basements or cellars. If you’ve recently received a violation and need it corrected before your OATH hearing, John Farr can work with you to ensure that the fix is implemented in a timely manner and that all the required paperwork and documentation is submitted to the NYC DOB prior to your OATH hearings. 

If you need a timely OATH violations correction for plumbing violations, including illegal bathroom conversions and to get your illegal basement violation, gas company violation, gas boiler violation or any building violations in NYC removed, John Farr a call at 917-324-2535.