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Correcting Illegal Attic Conversions in NYC Many people in NYC are concerned about illegal basement conversions in New York City. The truth is that attics are sometimes illegally converted into rental units, and these illegal conversions can also receive Department of Building’s violations that must be corrected.

What type of Attic Conversion Receives a DOB violation in NYC?

Many times the violation is caused by the lack of permits. For example, you decided to convert the attic of your rental building into one or more additional units in order to bring in more revenue for your NYC multi-family housing complex but didn’t pull any permits. Instead, you did some of the work yourself and hired handymen for the rest. Since no permits were pulled, the attic conversion is illegal.

All rental units must have adequate heat, light, ventilation and windows. They must also contain direct exits to the exterior in case of a fire, and the ceilings must be a certain height. Plumbing pipes and systems for new fixtures, like showers, bathtubs and sinks must also be installed correctly by a licensed master plumber and have permits pulled for the work. All conversions must also be inspected and approved by the city to ensure that they meet all the applicable building codes. If the space doesn’t meet building code requirements, it can result in a DOB attic conversion violation.

How Does a Building receive a DOB Attic Violation?

In most cases, someone called the NYC Department of Buildings and made a report on a suspected illegal conversion. These reports can come from individuals who live in the neighborhood and notice too many people entering and exiting your building, individuals inside the building and even relatives of those who’ve visited the building and suspect illegal units. 

While you won’t know who filed the report, you will know when you receive the violation notice from the NYC DOB. Your violation notice will contain the building’s address, name of the owner, the type of violation and when the violation must be corrected. The notice may also contain a hearing date. After receiving the notice, the best course of action is to correct the issue and prove that it’s been corrected.

How Do I Correct a DOB Attic Violation?

If your DOB attic violation is in regards to illegal gas pipe or water pipe installations and illegal kitchen and bathroom fixtures, call John Farr. He is a licensed master plumber with decades of experience in removing DOB attic violations that fail plumbing inspections. He can read your notice, inspect the pipes with the violations, pull permits and correct the issues. He will also hand you all the applicable paperwork and pictures in order to help prove to the Department of Building that the violation has been corrected, and the building is up to code.

To learn more about how John Farr removes plumbing violations in illegal attic conversions and to start the process of getting your illegal attic conversion corrected.

Also, to get your HPD, ECB/OATH violations corrected, illegal basement violation, gas company violation, gas boiler violation or any Plumbing building violations in NYC removed, call John Farr at 917-324-2535.

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