ECB Violations Correction

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Have you recently received an ECB violation? ECB stands for Environmental Control Board, and the Environmental Control Board issues violations for construction code and zoning violations, which means the new name for ECB Is OATH violations.

How OATH/ECB Violations Differ From Other Types of Building Violations in NYC

If you’ve received building violations in the past for accidental oversights, you may be surprised to find out that ECB/OATH violations carry an additional requirement to certify the correction. This means that you will have to have the violation corrected in accordance with the NYC building codes and that correction will need to be officially certified in order to have the violation removed from your building’s public record.

Types of ECB Violations

ECB violations are put into one of three categories, depending on the violation’s seriousness. 

  • Class 1– Immediately hazardous and constitutes a serious risk and danger to the building and its occupants. All work will be put on hold until the violation is corrected, and the building may need to be vacated.
  • Class 2– It is a major violation, and poses a significant risk to the building and its occupants. All work may be put on hold until the correction is made.
  • Class 3– This is a lesser violation. It does not pose a serious risk to the building or the occupants, but it must still be corrected in order to bring the building up to code.

Steps to Correcting an ECB Violation

  • Read Your Notice.It will contain the address of the property that has the violation, the date the violation was found, the type of building, a detailed overview of the violation, the appropriate correction, the ECB correction date and the sate, time and location of your ECB hearing.
  • Hire the Appropriate Contractors.You’ll need to hire the appropriate professionals in order to have permits pulled and to have the violation corrected so that your building meets all the applicable NYC building codes. This could mean hiring architects, plumbers and general contractors.
  • Fill out the Certification of Correction.Once the violation has been corrected, you will need to fill out and mail a Certification of Correction to the NYC Department of Buildings.
  • Attend Your ECB/OATH Hearing.You or an authorized individual will need to attend the ECB hearing. Failure to attend can result in additional fines.
  • Remit Payments. If you are required to pay any fines, fees or other monies in relation to the ECB violation, you’ll need to pay those before the violation is removed from your building’s record.

Clearing ECB Plumbing Violations with John Farr

If your ECB violation is because of a water or gas line violation, John Farr can help you. He is a master plumber, a member of the master plumbers council in NYC, and certified to work on gas lines. He has also worked with architects and general contractors in order to clear hazardous and major ECB violations.

To get your ECB/OATH violations corrected, illegal basement violation, gas company violation, gas boiler violation or any building violations in NYC removed, call John Farr at 917-324-2535.

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