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Understanding and Clearing ECB Violations

When you own an apartment building, condo, co-op or multi-unit household, you may encounter the occasional ECB violation. ECB violations are the most common type of building violation in New York City and the surrounding five boroughs of Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan, Staten Island and Queens. They generally revolve around building code violations that impact the safety of your building or zoning problems. Master plumber John Farr, can help you resolve plumbing and heating ECB violations.
What’s Included in Your ECB Violation Notice

Your ECB violation will include several pieces of pertinent information, including:

  • The Address and Information of the Property Found to Be in Violation of a Building or Zoning Code
  • The Date the Violation was Noticed
  • The Type of Building
  • A Description of the Violation
  • What Needs to Be Done in Order Clear ECB Violations
  • The Date by which the ECB Violation Must Be Corrected
  • Your Hearing Date and the Time and Location of the Hearing

ECB Court Hearings

When you receive your ECB violation notice, there is a date by which the violations must be corrected and an ECB court hearing date that is usually after the date the corrections need to be completed. Upon receiving your violation for your indoor plumbing system, gas pipes or heating equipment, you will need to contact a licensed master plumber in New York that corrects plumbing and heating violations in order to have the ECB violations correction performed.

  • File the Appropriate Form – Once the violation has been corrected, a Certificate of Correction must be mailed or delivered to the appropriate agency. Attend the ECB Court Hearing – Next, you must attend any ECB court hearings or send  someone to represent you during the hearing. During this hearing, you can admit to the ECB violation or explain and provide proof that contests the violation.
  • Pay Fines and Fees – Lastly, you must take care of any financial responsibilities related to the violation, including any penalties or fines associated with the violation.

If you are having trouble finding your violation, or if you think your building has received an ECB violation, you can check the ECB summons database.
Clear ECB Violations with NYC Master Plumber John Farr

NYC master plumber, John Farr, can help you clear ECB violations before your court hearing. He has helped businesses and landlords correct their building plumbing and heating code violations for more than 25 years, and he specializes reading ECB violation notices, getting the appropriate permits and efficiently correcting the violations in your building. He is also a member of the City of New York’s Master Plumbers Council. He can even take care of your emergency water or gas leak.

To learn more about how John Farr can help you with your ECB violations correction, dial 917-324-2535, or if you’d prefer, you can use our handy online contact form.


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