Plumbers: Gas Certification 

Are you a master plumber or plumbing contractor? If you are and you work on gas lines, there’s an important date you need to remember. On January 1, 2019, all master plumbers who work on gas lines up to the outlet of a Gas meter bar will be required to apply for and receive their DOT Gas Operator Qualification, which involves having to take a training class.

The DOT Gas Operator Qualification for New York City 

The Gas Operator Qualification for New York City is required for all master plumbers who wish to continue installing, repairing and replacing gas lines up to the outlet of a Gas meter bar. This is because the definition of gas service piping has changed.

Departments and Agencies Managing Gas Piping Regulations 

The DOT regulates all gas service piping, and the code for the piping can be found under 49-CFR part 192. The CFR defines all the rules and regulations regarding the installation, maintenance and repair of gas piping. In addition to the DOT, New York also regulates gas piping. The agency that handles the regulations is the NYS Public Service Commission, and their rules and regulations can be found under NYS 16 NYCRR Part 255.


Understanding Why the Training Is Now Required 

Since the definition of gas piping has changed, it is important that all master plumbers understand the new definition and where the gas piping ends. In the past, the gas piping was said to “end at the first fitting inside the building”, as stated by The City of New York Master Plumber’s Council.

Most master plumbers know this rule. However, they may not be aware of the recent changes, especially when it applies to gas piping. Any plumber working on any Gas piping plumbing in the building up to the outlet of the gas meter bar then must be gas operator qualified as of January 1st, 2019.

Gas Operator Qualification Training 

All master plumbers who wish to continue working on gas piping must take the Gas Operator Qualification Training Course. This training will be performed by the Plumbers Local One and also the master plumber’s council. Plumbers and their employers who are interested in participating in the training program should fill out the survey.

John Farr Master Plumber 

John Farr is going to attend the Gas Operator Qualification training so that he can receive his Gas Operator Qualification and continue working on your gas lines so that you can remove gas violations from your building and continue operations as normal.  

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