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Understanding Housing Preservation and Development (HPD) Plumbing Violations When you receive an HPD violation, you may or may not know it’s coming, but one thing is certain, you will have to correct the problems listed in the violation and prove that they have been corrected. The good news is that a licensed, master plumber in NYC, like John Farr, can help you correct your plumbing violations and bring your building back up to code.

Why HPD Plumbing Violations Must Be Corrected

It’s important to note that all HPD plumbing violations must be corrected. This includes gas and water lines. The reason these violations must be corrected is that they pose a hazard to the safety and security of the individuals inside your building. This includes residents and employees. The class of violation will determine when you have to have the problems remedied. The class of Hpd Plumbing violations can go from most severe to less severe.

What Should You Do if You Get a Class C Violation

If you receive the most serious type of plumbing violation, which is a Class C violation, read your notice very carefully in order to determine what needs to be corrected and how long you have to correct it. Class C violations cannot be left on your desk to look at in a few days. This is because any delay in reading and acting on your violation could result in severe fines and penalties, up to and including the loss of your building’s occupancy permit.

Since Class C violations can result in being given as little as 24 hours to correct the problem, you must contact a licensed plumbing contractor immediately. The good news is that John Farr is a licensed master plumber and an active member of the NYC Master Plumbers Council. He is also authorized to work on both gas and water lines in the entirety of New York City.

Getting Help from John Farr to Correct Your Plumbing Violations

When you receive a Class C violation, you need the help of a master plumber immediately. This means that as soon as you finish reading your HPD violation notice, you must contact John Farr for an emergency plumbing repair and help getting your violation cleared with the Department of Housing and Preservation. John Farr is experienced in repairing all types of hazardous plumbing situations and working with the HPD in order to get the appropriate permits so that corrections can be made correctly and quickly.

To get your HPD, ECB/OATH violations corrected, illegal basement violation, gas company violation, gas boiler violation or any Plumbing building violations in NYC removed, call John Farr at 917-324-2535.