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Types of HPD Plumbing Violations The Housing Preservation and Development department in New York City is responsible for ensuring that all buildings meet certain safety codes and are compliant with the building codes and regulations. When your building isn’t up to code, you may receive an HPD violation. If you do receive one of these violations, it’s imperative that you have it corrected immediately.

Types of HPD Plumbing Violations

An HPD violation for plumbing can be due to having gas or water leaks in your building, a lack of hot water or a lack of heat or having improperly installed water or gas using appliances in your building. This includes having these items installed without first getting the proper permits.

Classes of HPD Violations

HPD violations are given one of three classes, depending on the severity. The most severe violations may come with a stop work order due to the risk of injury or death to the occupants of the building.

Class C – Immediately Hazardous

If you receive a Class C HDP violation, the violation is considered immediately hazardous, and if you are performing any work on your building, you will most likely receive a stop work order, which will be in effect until the hazardous condition has been corrected. Class C violations usually require immediate correction within 24 hours. However, you may be given as long as 21 days.

Class B – Hazardous with or without an Order to Correct

A Class B HPD violation can come with an order to immediately correct the condition or a specific time-frame in which the violation must be corrected. It can also result in civil penalties and fines, depending on the severity. Class B violations can be given as little as 24 hours to correct or as long as 30 days.

Class A – Not Hazardous

Class A violations are the least serious. These violations are not immediately hazardous but must still be corrected within the allotted time-frame, which can vary from 14 to 90 days. Like with Class B and C violations, you may also receive civil penalties and fines.

Clearing HPD Violations with Help from Master Plumber John Farr

If you’ve received a Class A, B or C HPD violation for gas or water problems, master plumber John Farr can help you. He has decades of experience in identifying and correcting HPD violations in New York City and getting the appropriate permits to make those corrections. He can repair and replace gas and water pipes and help correct basement and bathroom violations in the five boroughs of NYC. He’s even available to handle emergency corrections that need to occur within 24 hours.

To have your HPD violation corrected so that your building meets code, call John Farr today at 917-324-2535.