HPD Violations Correction

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Have you recently had an HPD inspection that’s resulted in receiving one or more violations? If you have, you might be interested to know why these violations occur and how you can have them corrected promptly by our licensed, master plumber in NYC, John Farr at Farr Plumbing and Heating.

How HPD Violations Occur

HPD violations are issued by Housing Preservation and Development. They are issued when a building fails to meet certain NYC building codes and standards for building quality and resident, employee and visitor safety. Violations are issued after an HPD inspection, which can be triggered by anyone who suspects a system or fixture isn’t installed or operating correctly. For example, if a tenant notices black spots on a wall along with wet drywall or puddles, they may assume there’s a water leak. While a tenant may first contact the landlord or building owner to report the leak, they may also contact Housing Preservation and Development if the leak persists without a fix.

These violations can also occur if the building is undergoing renovations. During certain stages of the renovation process, the work is inspected by an DOB inspector. If the work meets all the current building codes, no violation is issued and work can continue. If the work does not meet building codes, a violation is issued, which must be corrected before work can continue.

Understanding How an HPD Violation Is Corrected

Ideally, once you receive your violation, you’ll contact the appropriate contractors, including plumbers, architects and other licensed contractors within the state of New York and have the violation corrected in a timely manner. 
If you fail to correct the violation in a timely manner (usually between 24 hours and months), HPD reserves the right to have the violation corrected without the landlord or building owner’s approval or permission via the Emergency Repair Program if the uncorrected condition resulted in a Class A violation, which is considered immediately hazardous to those in and around the building. By contrast, a Class C violation is not hazardous, and a Class B violation is hazardous. When HPD facilitates the repair, the charges can be found on the building’s tax bill, and the owner does not have any say in the contractor or contractors used and the cost of the repair bill.

Correcting HPD Violations with John Farr

If you’ve received an HPD violation for gas, plumbing or heating problems, John Farr can make the appropriate repairs and help you submit the correct paperwork to New York City Department of Buildings. If you have additional contractors also working on the violation, John Farr can also work with them to ensure that the violation is corrected and your building is brought up to the current building codes of NYC.

To get your ECB/OATH violations corrected, illegal basement violation, gas company violation, gas boiler violation or any building violations in NYC removed, call John Farr at 917-324-2535.

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