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NYC Department of Buildings Plumbing Violations
image of an actual plumbing violations document in NYC

Do you want to avoid needing an HDP plumbing violations removal? When it comes to building violations in NYC, HPD and DOB violations are some of the most common. HPD stands for Housing Preservation and Development and DOB stands for Department of Buildings, which are the NYC departments that issues these violations.

What Are HPD Violations?

HPD violations refer to the building’s maintenance and repair status. In NYC, all buildings should be well-maintained and broken or worn systems should be repaired or replaced in accordance with NYC building laws and codes. For example, if your building has a slow leak in a pipe, the landlord or building owner cannot leave that pipe leaking. Water on floors and inside walls can lead to black mold, which is a health and safety violation.

These are some of the Reasons You Might Need to remove NYC Department of Buildings Violations Removal for Plumbing

  • Not having hot water in one or more units.
  • Having water pipes that leak.
  • Having an improperly maintained boiler.
  • Having a boiler that does not work properly or at all.
  • Having illegal bathroom and kitchen fixtures
  • Making illegal repairs and upgrades to the building.
  • Installing water fixtures and pipes in areas where it is against the NYC building code.
  • Authorizing water and gas pipe repairs and replacements where no permit was pulled.

Ways to Make Sure You Do Not Need HPD Plumbing Violations Removal

the good news is that there are ways you can avoid getting an HPD violation and needing emergency HPD violation removal for plumbing work by:

  • Handling all your plumbing maintenance requests promptly.
  • Make sure you always use a licensed master plumber.
  • Before remodeling or adding water fixtures and pipes, make sure installing such items is legal in NYC.
  • Have your building periodically inspected to make sure it meets all the NYC building codes.
  • Inspect units regularly to make sure your residents have not installed anything that would go against NYC building codes.

Remember that most building violations are reported by current or former residents or by individuals visiting your building. NYC building inspectors don’t go looking for problems. Instead, they are typically alerted by emails and/or phone calls from someone who has spotted the violation or an unsafe condition in your building.

Solving Your HPD Plumbing Violations Problem with John Farr

If you do end up with an HPD plumbing violation, John Far can help. He is a licensed master plumber in NYC with more than 30 years of experience in clearing plumbing violations. He can even work with other contractors to ensure that your building is up to code and safe for your current and future residents.

For assistance with your ECB/OATH violations, illegal basement violations, gas company violations, gas boiler violations, or any plumbing building violations in NYC, call John Farr at 917-324-2535.