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DOB Plumbing Violations Removal NYC takes building safety seriously, especially when it comes to basement renovations in order to create more tenant units. As a landlord, you should also take the safety of your tenants seriously, but the historic housing shortage may have you tempted to create new units in uninhabitable spaces because you know you’ll get tenants, and those tenants will be grateful to find affordable housing in New York City. The truth is that you need to evaluate your space before you renovate. Otherwise, you could find yourself with DOB violations and the need to perform additional work to have those violations removed.

1. Make sure the underground space is a basement and not a cellar.

In New York City, a cellar cannot be turned into an apartment. This is because cellars have more than 50 percent of their exterior walls below ground level. By contrast, a basement, which has less than 50 percent of its exterior walls above the ground level, can be turned into an apartment or other type of rental unit. Before you start your renovations, have a professional check the height of the walls in relation to the level of the outside ground.

2. Make sure you hire the right licensed contractors to perform the renovation work.

Any renovations you perform in your building should always be done by reputable, licensed professionals. This is because permits must be pulled for certain types of work, including electrical, HVAC and plumbing. Inspections must also be carried out by city officials at certain stages of the project. If problems are found during the construction and renovation processes, violations may be issues, and work cannot continue until those violations are corrected.

3. Hire the licensed master plumber yourself.

You may also want to consider hiring your own licensed master plumber. While general contractors typically have plumbers and electricians that they subcontract, you won’t get to vet the subcontractors. To get the best plumber that you trust, it may be beneficial to hire your own plumber for bathroom and kitchen work. Some plumbers will even install gas lines.

Correcting DOB Plumbing Violations NYC with John Farr

If you do accidentally get a plumbing violation during or after your renovation, John Farr can help. He is a licensed master plumber that specializes in both gas and water plumbing violations in NYC. He has experience pulling permits for violation corrections and working with other contractors, as well as structural engineers, in order to bring your building back up to code.

To learn more about plumbing violations and to schedule to have your DOB plumbing violations in NYC removed, the good news is John Farr can help you correct it. He is familiar with all the current building codes and how to get permits for building code violations so that they can be repaired quickly.

To get your HPD, ECB/OATH violations corrected, illegal basement violation, gas company violation, gas boiler violation or any Plumbing building violations in NYC removed, call John Farr at 917-324-2535.