Resolving Gas Boiler Violations

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When is the last time you thought about your boiler? Have you recently had it upgraded? Have you had the gas lines inspected recently or other maintenance work performed on it? If you didn’t use a licensed boiler repairman or the appropriate contractors to have the work performed, you could be in for a shock when you receive a gas boiler violation from New York City.

Why You May Have Received Your Gas Boiler Violation

  • Gas Leaks – Noticeable gas leaks can result in someone reporting the problem to the Department of Buildings. At that point, an inspector will be sent out to inspect the boiler and the gas lines. If a leak is found, your gas service will be turned off until the repair is completed.
  • Exhaust/Chimney/Heat Exchanger Problems – Clogged and damaged flues, chimneys or exhaust vents, as well as cracked heat exchangers, can lead to carbon monoxide being leaked into your building. CO is toxic and can lead to death if enough of it is inhaled by the occupants. If any of these problems are found, your boiler will be turned off and you will receive a violation.
  • No Permits Pulled – In order to have boiler and gas line work performed, permits must be pulled. If there are no permits on file for your boiler project, you’ll be told to stop work, and you will receive a gas boiler violation.
  • Improper Installation – If a city inspector comes out to inspect your boiler due to a phone call or scheduled inspection and finds that the equipment has been improperly installed, you will receive a gas boiler violation that you will have to correct before you can use your boiler.

Resolving Gas Boiler Violations with John Farr

If you need to resolve a gas boiler violation, John Farr can help. He has decades of experience in resolving gas pipe violations for homeowners, apartment building owners, multi-family property owners and condo owners. If you have a leaking gas pipe, a violation for improper installation or no permits pulled, he can assess the situation, read the violation and take the necessary steps to remedy the problem. Once the correction has been implemented, you will receive all the paperwork you need in order ot clear the violation with the Department of Buildings.

If you’ve recently received a stop work order for any gas or water pipe violation, call John Farr at 917-324-2535.

Also, to get your HPD, ECB/OATH violations corrected, illegal basement violation, gas company violation, gas boiler violation or any Plumbing building violations in NYC removed, call John Farr at 917-324-2535.

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