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Attic Conversions in New York City is a major concern. Unauthorized conversions is widespread in New York City. In reality, attics are occasionally improperly converted into rental rooms, and these improper conversions may result in Department of Building infractions that must be remedied. 

Attic conversion is in violation of the NYC DOB code 

The absence of permits is frequently the cause of the infraction. For instance, suppose you made the decision to add one or more additional apartments to your rental building in order to increase revenue for your NYC multi-family housing complex, but you didn’t obtain the necessary permissions. Instead, you hired a handyman to complete the remaining work after doing some of it yourself. The attic conversion is prohibited.   

All rental properties must have enough windows, ventilation, light, and heat. In case of a fire, they must also have direct exits to the outside, and the ceilings must have a specific height. A certified master plumber must also install the plumbing pipes and systems for new fixtures, such as showers, bathtubs, and sinks, correctly. 

How Does a Building Get an Attic Violation from the DOB? 

Most often, someone reported a rumored illegal conversion by calling the NYC Department of Buildings. These reports can come from neighbors who see too many people entering and leaving your building and even relatives of people who have visited the building.  

You won’t know who reported the incident, but you will find out when the NYC DOB sends you a violation notice. Your violation notice will include the address of the building, the owner’s name, the nature of the infraction, and the deadline for its rectification. A hearing date can also be included in the notice.  

How Can I Fix an Attic DOB Violation? 

Call John Farr if your DOB attic violation involves the installation of illegal gas or water pipes, as well as illegal kitchen and bathroom fixtures. He has years of experience addressing DOB attic infractions that fail plumbing inspections and is a certified master plumber. He is capable of reading your notice, inspecting the pipes that have violations, obtaining licenses, and fixing the problems. He will also give you all the necessary documents and photos to show the Department of Building that the infraction has been fixed and the building is code-compliant.   

to get started on having your illegal attic conversion rectified and to find out more about how John Farr fixes plumbing issues in unlawful attic conversions. 

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