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Removing work without permit violation


Understanding Removing Work Without Permit Violations

There are many different types of building permit violations in New York City, and one of those violations is a work without a permit violation. When you are issued one of these violations, it means that work was performed on your project while you did not have the appropriate NYC permit for the work to be performed, which means all the work is illegal whether or not the work was performed to code.

Understanding Work Without Permit Violations

Work without permit violations can be given for any type of work that was performed on your residential or commercial building prior to having a permit to perform the work. This most commonly occurs with plumbing systems where a building owner, property manager or superintendent authorized plumbing work to be performed but did not take steps to ensure there was a permit for the work. This can happen if the individual performs the work themselves, hires a handyman or hires an unlicensed or unscrupulous plumber.

Steps to Resolving Work Without Permit Violations in New York City

When you receive your work without a permit violation, NYC gives you a certain number of days to remedy the situation, otherwise you could face stiff fines and penalties, including the revocation of your Certifications of Occupancy and the inability to sell your building or get loans. During that time, you must determine your exact violations and take steps to correct them.

  1. Determine the types of building violations on record with the city of New York.
  2. Print those violations so that you have a copy you can show a licensed plumber
  3. Hire a licensed, experienced and professional plumber in NYC.
  4. Have the violations corrected.
  5. Fill out a Certificate of Correction and submit it.
  6. Choose whether you will admit to the violation or attend the court hearing to contest the violation.
  7. Pay any fines or penalties related to the violation.
  8. Wait for your Certificate of Correction to be Approved.

Removing Work Without Permit Violations with Help from John FARR Plumbing & Heating

John Farr Plumbing and Heating, serving New York City, Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan, Staten Island and Queens, can help you resolve your work without permit violations for plumbing and heating. He is a licensed master plumber and a proud member of New York City’s Master Plumbers Council. During his more than 20 years of working in the plumbing industry, he has helped residential and commercial building owners remove hundreds of plumbing violations for water and gas lines, and he can help resolve yours.

To talk to John Farr and to schedule an appointment to remove your plumbing violations, call him at 917-324-2535. he can even solve your worst plumbing emergencies.