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Gas Shutdowns in Brooklyn

Gas shutdowns in Brooklyn are a serious matter. Building owners, homeowners and landlords should always thoroughly read the notice any time they receive a gas shutdown and take steps to remedy the situation as fast as possible.

Why did I receive a gas violation notice?

When you receive a gas shutdown notice, it means an inspector walked through your building and inspected for gas pipes and gas fueled equipment and appliances and found code violations.

  • You had an unlicensed person install your gas lines.
  • There were no permits pulled prior to the work being performed.
  • You have leaking or unsafe gas plumbing pipes.
  • Your gas lines are not up to code.

Why was my building inspected?

Buildings are typically inspected for a variety of reasons. If you own a commercial building or a large residential building, like an apartment complex or multi-unit home, your inspection may have been done as part of a routine set of inspections. You can also receive an inspection if your building is undergoing renovations or if someone lodged a complaint against your building.

How do I check to see if I have a building violation?

If you are unsure if you have a gas shutdown in Brooklyn, you can check your building using the NYC Building’s Building Information Search. The form allows you to search by specific property, by violation or complaint and by application as well as other ways to search.

What happens if I ignore my gas shutdown in Brooklyn?

It depends on the type of violation you received. If you received a DOB violation, the information will become part of the public search record, and you could be forced to pay substantial fines and fees in addition to making the corrections. While there is no court hearing required, failure to remedy the problem may result in a summons to appear in criminal court.

If you have an ECB violation, you will be required to attend a court hearing. During the court hearing, you can admit to the violation or contest it. If you do not attend the court hearing or do not have an authorized representative there are on your behalf, you could face fines up to $25,000. In addition, you may not be able to take out future loans, and your Certificate of Occupancy can be revoked.

How do I get my gas shutdown in Brooklyn resolved?

To get your gas shutdown in Brooklyn resolved, you need to contact a licensed plumber that specializes in removing gas shutdown notices. A qualified plumber, like John Farr, can read your violation notice, inspect your gas lines and make the needed repairs so that your building is safe and up to code. He can also help you in filling out any needed paper work to help you get the violation removed from your building’s record.

To contact John Farr about your gas violation, call him at 917-324-2535.