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Solving Gas Shutdowns in the Bronx, NYC

John Farr is a licensed master plumber who has corrected hundreds of gas and plumbing violations in all 5 boroughs in NYC including the Bronx.

If you live in the Bronx area and have recently received a gas violation, now is the time to take action. Otherwise, you could be putting yourself and your residents in danger.

Hazards of Improperly Installed or Damaged Gas Lines

As a landlord, property manager or homeowner, you have an obligation to provide your residents and family members with a safe environment. This includes making sure that all of your gas lines are up to code and free of defects, including leaks. Gas pipes that are not up to code, corroded or leaking can pose a significant fire and explosion risk.

Getting your Gas Shutdown in the Bronx

When you get a gas shutdown in the Bronx, it is important that you read the notice thoroughly. If you have an ECB violation, you may also receive a court date. DOB violations don’t necessarily come with a court date, but they can result in the revocation of your Certificate of Occupancy and failure to comply can result in a summons to appear in criminal court. If you are uncertain as to whether your building received a violation, you can look it up on the NYC Department of Building’s website.

Remedying Bronx Gas Shutdowns

Once you receive notice of your violation, you should take immediate steps to correct the problem. This typically requires locating a licensed plumber that is approved to work on gas lines, explaining the situation and having them inspect the lines and the violation. Next, your plumber in the Bronx will correct the problems associated with the violation and bring your gas lines up to code.

Once the problems have been corrected and you have proof that the violations are remedied, you must fill out an AEU2 (Certificate of Correction) and submit it along with the appropriate supporting documentation. Once the form and documentation are received, it will be reviewed and a decision will be made.

Hiring a Licensed Plumber in the Bronx for Gas Shutdowns

When correcting gas and boiler violations and shutdowns, it is always best to hire a licensed contractor with years of experience. When you call, you can expect John to personally answer the phone, listen to your plumbing situation and schedule a prompt appointment to examine your gas lines and provide you with the services you need to have your violation removed. He even offers 24-hour emergency services. All you have to do is call John at 917-324-2535.