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My Gas Got Shut Off NYC

Did you know that many NYC residents are hesitant to call the gas company’s emergency phone number or 911 if they smell gas? According to The Voice, many residents fail to report the smell of gas for fear of having their gas immediately shut off. Getting a gas boiler inspection done by a licensed Plumber would be  great idea if you should start smelling gas.

Gas Company Shutdown Fears

While getting a gas company shutdown as a home owner, building owner or property manager is a reasonable consequence of having a leaking gas pipe, your gas company really just wants you to fix the leak. While the leak is being fixed, the gas will be shutoff, but it is up to the utility company representative as to whether the gas to the entire building or home is shut off for safety reasons prior to the repair being scheduled.

Gas Boiler problems is also an issue and can result in a gas boiler violation so to avoid that, tending to the problem with the help of a qualified licensed and insured Master Plumber like John Farr would be in your best interest.

Illegal Plumbing Work and Gas Pipe Violations

What you should worry about as a homeowner, building owner, superintendent or property manager in New York City is work that was performed by individuals who were not licensed master plumbers and didn’t pull the proper permits before performing the work. In a scenario like this, the plumbing work performed on your gas pipes would be considered illegal, and you may receive a National Grid or Con Ed shutdown, depending on which utility company provides your gas service.

Hiring a Licensed Master Plumber to Resolve National Grid and Con Ed Gas Shutdowns

A licensed, bonded and properly insured NYC master plumber can review any gas company violations that you have received, inspect your pipes, pull the proper permits for the repair work and repair or replace your gas plumbing pipes in accordance with all applicable NYC building and fire codes so that you can have the gas service restored to your NYC residential or commercial building.

If you need your gas turned back on in your residential or commercial building or need boiler violations removal, do not hesitate to call John Farr, a licensed master plumber serving all five NYC Burroughs, at 917-324-2535. He has removed hundreds of plumbing related building violations and helped building owners bring their plumbing systems up to code.