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Remedying Gas Company Shutdowns in New York City

If you have the same complaints like a lot of people who say “gas company shut my gas off”, having gas appliances, like furnaces, boilers, stoves and water heaters, in New York City, it’s imperative that you keep the fuel flowing so that you or your residents can cook, shower and stay warm without the fear of an explosion, but what happens when you smell gas or the pilot lights keep going out? Ideally, you’d turn off the gas at the nearest shutoff valve and call the gas company to report the leak and a professional to fix your gas pipes. Unfortunately, many New Yorkers simply let the gas leak fester until it becomes so severe that the tenant or building owner calls a repairman and you end up getting a gas company penalty. Unfortunately, if you call the wrong repairman or fail to fix the leaks, you could be issued a gas company violation.

Hazards of Gas Leaks

Gas leaks should not be taken lightly. If it builds-up within a closed area, it can cause an explosion with the slightest spark or flame. If you smell gas (rotten eggs) in your home or apartment, call your gas company and/or 911 and vacate the area immediately until the leak is fixed. Leaking gas is considered a safety hazard and can lead to Gas Company violations if they are detected by an inspector. Gas is also highly flammable and can lead to an explosion, which could injure or kill people and destroy personal property. A flammable gas detection sensor should be fitted in all areas where flammable gases are stored, alerting those in the vicinity that there is a potential harmful risk to the surrounding area and people’s lives. It can also prepare the fire department who has responded to the call.

Ultimately, it is important to remember that gas leaks can be prevented by appropriate storage solutions. You can learn more about the safe storage of gas by heading to the Storemasta website.

It is no secret that flammable gases in cylinders present a number of hazards. Even a minor leak from a gas cylinder under pressure can result in a large volume of gas at room temperature and atmospheric pressure. Consequently, flammable gases are therefore liable to explode when in contact with an ignition source, such as a naked flame or electrical spark.

NYC Gas Piping Regulations

Gas pipe installations, repairs and additions are regulated by the state of New York. Gas pipes can only be worked on by qualified, licensed professionals, like master plumbers, who can pull the proper permits for the intended gas line work.

Gas pipes must be of a certain size that is adequate to feed the attached appliances. It must be installed in accordance with the NYC Department of Buildings Code fire protection provisions and fire-stopping regulations, and the entire system must be checked for leaks prior to being deemed fit for service. If the work is not performed up-to-code by a licensed professional who is authorized to work in the state of New York it could result in a National Grid violation, which means your gas will be shut off until the plumbing work is completed and inspected, and the Gas violation removal is handled properly.

Hiring a Qualified Plumber to Fix Gas Company Violations in NYC

licensed master plumber, John Farr, has removed many Gas Company violations in New York City, Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan, Staten Island and Queens, and he can inspect your plumbing pipes, pull the required permits and correct the problems with your gas lines in order to remove the violation and restore your gas service.

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