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Correcting OATH Violations

Correcting Oath Violations Have you recently received an OATH violation? OATH violations are issued by the NYC Department of Buildings. OATH is the acronym for the Office of Administrative Trials and Hearings. If you’ve received an OATH violation, it means your building, part of your building or a system within the

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Remove Stop Work Order NYC

Remove Stop Work Order A stop work order is one of the most serious types of violations you can receive from the NYC Department of Buildings (DOB). They are known as SWOs, and they’re issued when a renovation or construction site is deemed unsafe. Violating an SWO can result in fines

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DOB Plumbing Violations Removal – NYC

DOB Plumbing Violations Removal Have you recently run afoul of New York City’s building codes? In an effort to expand the number of units in your tenant building, you may have been tempted to renovate areas of your building that were previously uninhabitable so that you can earn more money. Unfortunately,

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Gas boiler violations removal

Dealing With Gas Boiler Violations in NYC When it comes to making your tenant building more attractive to prospective renters, you may be thinking about installing more gas appliances. After all, gas is natural, affordable and energy-efficient. Not to mention, gas appliances tend to last longer than electric appliances. For example,

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Clearing ECB Violations

How to Clear ECB Violations  Have you recently received an order to clear ECB violations in your rental? If you have, you probably understand the dread of reading the top line – Commissioner’s Order to Correct Violation Conditions. That yellow piece of paper means that something in your tenant building

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Correcting NYC illegal Basement Fines

NYC Illegal Basement Fines Are you renting an illegal basement to tenants in New York City or thinking about converting your unused basement space into apartments? If you are, you should take care to ensure the space is legal and in compliance with the NYC Department of Buildings. Otherwise, you could be subjected to NYC

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