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Clearing ECB Violations

How to Clear ECB Violations  Have you recently received an order to clear ECB violations in your rental? If you have, you probably understand the dread of reading the top line – Commissioner’s Order to Correct Violation Conditions. That yellow piece of paper means that something in your tenant building

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Correcting NYC illegal Basement Fines

NYC Illegal Basement Fines Are you renting an illegal basement to tenants in New York City or thinking about converting your unused basement space into apartments? If you are, you should take care to ensure the space is legal and in compliance with the NYC Department of Buildings. Otherwise, you could be subjected to NYC

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Work Without Permit Violation

What to Do About Work Without Permit Violations Have you recently received a work without permit violation? These permits are issued when upgrades to certain systems in the building and on the building are performed without a permit on file with the Department of Buildings in NYC. While this may

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NYC Department of Buildings Plumbing Violations

Do you want to avoid needing an HDP plumbing violations removal? When it comes to building violations in NYC, HPD and DOB violations are some of the most common. HPD stands for Housing Preservation and Development and DOB stands for Department of Buildings, which are the NYC departments that issues

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ECB OATH Plumbing Violations Removal

ECB and OATH : An Overview The Environmental Control Board, also known as ECB, is often used interchangeably with OATH to indicate building violations.In the acronym OATH, the Office for Administrative Trials and Hearings is referred to. In addition to a summons, you’ll receive a hearing date once you are

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NYC department of buildings plumbing violations

NYC Department of Buildings Plumbing Violations Removal Did you know that HPD violations are some of the most common in NYC? Unfortunately, they’re also some of the most serious because HPD violations are in regards to quality standards for the building, which usually means that something critical is broken, failing or dangerous, like

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