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Plumbing violations removal Queens

How to Avoid Needing Plumbing Violations Removal in Queens, NYC. With the housing situation in NYC being critical, you may be tempted to convert currently unlivable spaces into apartments. However, it’s important that you understand what areas of your building can be converted into habitable units so that you can avoid

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Gas Pipe Violation Removal

Understanding and Correcting Gas Pipe Violations In an effort to save money on utility bills and make their building more attractive to tenants, landlords will often install gas appliances, like stoves, water heaters, boilers and gas dryers. Unfortunately, all those gas appliances need a lot of gas piping, and if it isn’t

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Correcting Illegal Plumbing Fixtures in NYC

Correcting Illegal Plumbing Fixtures in NYC If you’re not concerned about illegal plumbing fixtures in your NYC tenant building, you should be. Illegal plumbing fixtures can lead to DOB violations and hefty fines. For severe violations or violations that aren’t corrected in a timely manner, you could lose your building’s occupancy

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DOB Plumbing Violations Removal NYC

DOB Plumbing Violations Removal NYC takes building safety seriously, especially when it comes to basement renovations in order to create more tenant units. As a landlord, you should also take the safety of your tenants seriously, but the historic housing shortage may have you tempted to create new units in uninhabitable

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Plumbing Violations Removal in NYC

Basement Plumbing Violations Removal in NYC Are you thinking about renovating your basement to provide more units in your residential building in NYC? If you are, you should know that there are some things you’ll have to do prior to starting work in order to avoid plumbing violations removal in NYC.

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Illegal basement Violations

Illegal basements in NY Understanding Illegal Basements in NYC If you own or are renting an illegal basement in New York City, you could be subjected to court appearances, criminal penalties and hefty fines. You may even be forced to evict your tenants. If you know you have an illegal

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