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Illegal basement Violations

Illegal basements in NY Understanding Illegal Basements in NYC If you own or are renting an illegal basement in New York City, you could be subjected to court appearances, criminal penalties and hefty fines. You may even be forced to evict your tenants. If you know you have an illegal

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LAA Permits

LAA Permits in NYC for Pipe Repairs Are you wondering why you’d need to have an LAA permit in order to correct certain Department of Building’s violations? LAA stands for Limited Alteration Applications, and these permits are required when making changes, installing new pipes or making repairs to existing gas, fire system and

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Dealing with ECB and OATH Violations

Do you know what an OATH or ECB violation is? If you’re not familiar with these acronyms, they stand for Office of Administrative Trials and Hearings (OATH) and Environmental Control Board (ECB). The truth is that whether it’s called an OATH violation or an ECB violation, they both mean the same thing.

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Attic dob violations

Correcting Illegal Attic Conversions in NYC Many people in NYC are concerned about illegal basement conversions in New York City. The truth is that attics are sometimes illegally converted into rental units, and these illegal conversions can also receive Department of Building’s violations that must be corrected. What type of Attic Conversion Receives

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Gas Company Shutdown

Correcting Gas Company Shutdowns Have you recently received a gas violation that has resulted in a gas company shutdown? Gas companies will shut off your gas if they find a leak or another grievous malfunction that makes the gas unsafe to operate. When this happens, especially during the winter, it’s important

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OATH Violations removal

OATH Violations Removal with John Farr in NYC Have you recently received a notice from the Office of Administration and Trials Hearings? These notices are often referred to as OATH violations. However, you may have also heard them referred to as ECB violations. Unfortunately, both acronyms mean that you have a building

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