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Understanding Illegal Bathroom Fixtures Violations

Do you have an illegal basement in NYC? For renters, illegal basement apartments can be a welcome relief to the high prices of apartments and rental homes, but they are often unsafe. If the Department of Buildings learns of an illegal basement conversion, they will place a notice on the

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Plumbing Violations Removal

3 Tips to Avoid the Need for Plumbing Violations Removal When Renovating a Basement Have you recently gotten a plumbing violation or are concerned that you might get a plumbing violation once you start your basement renovations? The good news is that there are steps you can take to avoid violations,

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HPD Plumbing Violations Removal

Understanding Housing Preservation and Development (HPD) Plumbing Violations When you receive an HPD violation, you may or may not know it’s coming, but one thing is certain, you will have to correct the problems listed in the violation and prove that they have been corrected. The good news is that a licensed,

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ECB/OATH Violations Correction

ECB/OATH Violations Correction Have you recently had an OATH or ECB violation? If you have, you might be surprised to find out that it will show up on your property title search. If you aren’t sure if you have any open ECB/OATH violations, you can check New York City’s Building Information System.

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HPD plumbing violations

Types of HPD Plumbing Violations The Housing Preservation and Development department in New York City is responsible for ensuring that all buildings meet certain safety codes and are compliant with the building codes and regulations. When your building isn’t up to code, you may receive an HPD violation. If you do receive

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All About Oath Violations

All About Oath Violations Have you recently received an ECB violation or summons? ECB violations are newly known as OATH violations or hearings. In fact, you may still hear OATH violations referred to as ECB violations. OATH stands for Office of Administration and Trials Hearings. ECB stands for Environmental Control Board. However, no

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