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All About Oath Violations

All About Oath Violations Have you recently received an ECB violation or summons? ECB violations are newly known as OATH violations or hearings. In fact, you may still hear OATH violations referred to as ECB violations. OATH stands for Office of Administration and Trials Hearings. ECB stands for Environmental Control Board. However, no

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HPD Violations Correction

Have you recently had an HPD inspection that’s resulted in receiving one or more violations? If you have, you might be interested to know why these violations occur and how you can have them corrected promptly by our licensed, master plumber in NYC, John Farr at Farr Plumbing and Heating.

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ECB Violations Correction

Have you recently received an ECB violation? ECB stands for Environmental Control Board, and the Environmental Control Board issues violations for construction code and zoning violations, which means the new name for ECB Is OATH violations. How OATH/ECB Violations Differ From Other Types of Building Violations in NYC If you’ve received

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Understanding and Correcting Gas Boiler Violations

Does your tenant building have a gas boiler? In NYC gas boilers are extremely popular due to their ease of installation, long-lifespans and low cost of operation. Unfortunately, having a boiler improperly installed or choosing a boiler that does not comply with the building codes can result in a gas

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Avoiding Fines by Remedying Illegal Basements in NY

Do you have an illegal basement apartment in NYC? If you do, you are not alone. The practice is fairly common, but that does not make it acceptable with the Department of Buildings. In fact, it only takes one phone call from an anonymous concerned neighbor, and you could receive a notice

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How You Could End Up With a Gas Company Violation

As a building owner or landlord, the condition of your gas pipes matters. Having leaking, corroded, damaged and improperly installed gas lines can lead to catastrophic consequences for the occupants of your building as well as the structure. It can also lead to National Grid Shutdowns and gas utility company

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