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Removal of Cellar Violations in NYC. As a landlord in NYC, you’re definitely looking for methods to boost your income and offer reasonably priced apartments in order to draw in more renters. Converting a basement into an apartment is one approach to achieve that. However, if you should turn a cellar into an apartment without following all and proper housing codes, you might be breaking the rules and laws governing housing in New York City.

The Difference Between a Cellar and a Basement

Although you might use the terms “basement” or “cellar” interchangeably, each has specific definitions in New York City. A basement is a below-ground room with outside walls that are more than 50% above ground. It’s crucial to keep these factors in mind while determining whether or not to convert a below-ground area of your building into an apartment otherwise you can be issued a violation by the New York City Department of Buildings and be required to obtain services for cellar violations removal if you should turn a cellar into an apartment without doing it the right way.

The reason why cellars cannot be turned into apartments

Because they are judged hazardous by NYC, cellars cannot be turned into apartments. While cellars can be made into entertainment spaces with a half-bath, they cannot be made into a home that a member of your family or a renter can occupy full-time.

Typical Dangerous Situations in Cellar Apartments

  • Heating and cooking equipment carbon monoxide
  • Inadequate ceiling heights
  • No exterior exits in the event of a fire
  • Lack of ventilation and fresh air, insufficient natural and artificial light and noncompliant fixtures and piping

Removing Cellar Violations with John Farr

If the NYC Department of Buildings has informed you that your cellar conversion is unlawful, your best option is to work with a master plumber like John Farr to remedy the situation and reinstate your building’s occupancy certificate. In addition to working with other experts, such as architects and building inspectors, John Farr can execute cellar violations removal for out-of-code gas and water fixtures and plumbing. He can also help ensure that your structure is brought up to code.

The first step is a phone call. Call John Farr at 917-324-2535 as soon as you receive your notice to discuss it in detail. John will then arrive at the apartment to look at the issue. He will obtain all necessary permissions, conduct the necessary repairs, and help resolve the cellar violation.

John can collaborate with other professionals to ensure that your building is quickly brought up to code if you need to employ them to fix issues outside the plumbing and pipes. Additionally, he will provide you with all the necessary papers so you can submit the paperwork to the NYC Department of Buildings and get the procedures for having your occupancy certificate returned.

Call John Farr at 917-324-2535 to get your HPD, ECB/OATH, illegal basement, gas company, gas boiler, or other plumbing building violations in NYC rectified or eliminated.