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With NYC rentals being so high many people are looking for basement apartments , landlords are seeking to increase their revenue by maximizing their building space. However, it’s important to make sure your apartment is legal. According to an article in Business Insider, more than 300,000 residents live in illegal basement conversions, and if you are the owner of one of those illegal conversions, you could be in for some expensive fines if a DOB inspector examines the space.  

Requirements for Legal Apartments 

 It’s not illegal to renovate a basement space in NYC in some cases and turn it into an apartment. However, there are limitations and concerns that should be addressed during the renovation process, or you could find yourself with a building violation from the NYC DOB.  

1. The Ceiling Height Must Meet Minimums 

The DOB has specific rules when it comes to the heights of ceilings in basement apartments in NYC, and the heights depend on when the building was constructed. Also, it’s important to note that in order for a subgrade space to be legal, more than half of its height must be above ground.  

2. The Space Must be Waterproof 

 Underground dwellings cannot be wet. This means the space must be properly waterproofed in order to prevent water infiltration and the development of mold and mildew, which can be health hazards.  

3. Must have Proper Lighting 

 The space must be well-lit with at least the minimum required number of light fixtures, and those light fixtures must be properly wired and hung according to the NYC building codes  

4. Must Have Ventilation 

The space must be properly ventilated in order to allow fresh air. into the space. 

5. Must have Proper Sanitation and Comply with Bathroom Codes 

 The space must have the proper plumbing installed, and that work must have been permitted and approved by the city of New York. The space may also have to comply with certain bathroom codes, like the number of fixtures, types of fixtures and size of the bathroom space.  

6. Must Have the Required Number of Exits 

 In the case of a fire or other indoor hazard or accident conditions, basement apartments usually need two egresses, the occupants of the basement must be able to exit the apartment and get outside quickly.  

Consequences of Having an Illegal Basement Apartment 

 The consequences for landlords who own illegal basement apartments can be steep. They can face fines in the thousands of dollars and be criminally prosecuted. For residents of illegal basement apartments, they can face hazardous conditions, like sewer gas infiltration, carbon monoxide and serious injury and even death if there were a fire in the building. Additionally, they may be evicted from the illegal space.  

The Most Common Illegal Basement Violation 

 The most common illegal basement violation stems from illegal plumbing fixtures. These can be fixtures that were installed by a handyman or an unlicensed person who did not pull a permit. For example certain type of basement spaces are prohibited from having full bathrooms, this means that showers cannot be installed. 

DOB Violations Removal with John Farr 

John Farr can correct your illegal plumbing fixtures and help get your DOB violations removed. When you call. John Farr will personally schedule an appointment to look at your illegal cellar or basement conversion, read your violation notice and correct your illegal plumbing fixtures. This includes pulling the appropriate permits, making sure the new fixtures are in compliance with the NYC building code and installing those fixtures. Once the job is complete, you will receive the paperwork you need in order to show the NYC Department of Buildings that your violation was corrected.  

To schedule an appointment with John Farr for DOB, Plumbing and Gas violations removal for your illegally converted basement apartment, call today at 917-324-2535. We even handled emergency DOB violations removal.

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