All About a Gas Company Shutdown in NYC

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Gas Company Shutdown

All About a Gas Company Shutdown in NYC

As a building owner, landlord or superintendent in New York City, one of the worse things you can receive is a DOB violation that’s resulted in a gas company shutdown. In this scenario, your gas company violation was severe enough to warrant turning off your gas service. This can render stoves, water heaters and boilers inoperable and make your residents extremely uncomfortable and unhappy.

National Grid Shutdown and ConED Gas Shutdown

A National grid shutdown and ConEd gas shutdown is performed due to an extreme hazards being found by the building inspector. This is usually due to a gas leak or a faulty boiler, water heater or other gas-using appliance that constitutes an immediate hazard to the building occupants or the building itself. If your building is being worked on or you are performing renovations, you could receive a stop work order until the gas company violations are corrected.

Understanding What Happens During a Gas Company Shutdown

A Gas company shutdown start with an inspection. This inspection could be due to work you are currently having performed on your building, and you need the inspector to give his approval for the current work so that you can proceed to the next phase of your renovation. It could also be due to a building resident or occupant complaint. If you are uncertain as to whether your building has a building violation, you can always check the NYC Department of Buildings website.

The inspector then completes a checklist pertaining to the type of inspection. If the inspector deems your gas lines, gas appliances or overall gas distribution system to be a hazard, he or she will immediately turn off the gas and issue a violation notice. The violation notice will list the type of violation, the date of the violation and the remediation date as well as the corrective measures that need to be taken in order to correct the issue.

Restoring the Gas Service to Your NYC Building

In order to restore the ConED or National Grid gas service to your building, you will need to correct the violation. The first step to this process is reading the violation notice. When you read it, make sure to note all the dates. If you are given a hearing date, make sure you mark it on your calendar. You will need to attend any hearings or have someone attend in your place. Otherwise, you could be fined or experience other penalties.

Next, you need to call a licensed plumber who is experienced with correcting gas company violations and who thoroughly understands all the NYC building codes in regards to gas lines and gas-using appliances.

Master Plumber John Farr Can Correct Your Gas Company Violations

Master Plumber John Farr has corrected hundreds of violations concerning National Grid shutdown and ConEd gas shutdown in the five boroughs of NYC. He can efficiently determine the cause of your violation and implement the correct repairs so that you can have your gas service restored. He can even pull any applicable permits to make sure the work is performed according to all the current building codes, and he is available 24 hours a day to handle gas emergencies.

If you currently have a gas violation or need emergency plumbing assistance, call John Farr today at 917-324-2535.

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