Gas Shutdown Bronx

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Are you facing a gas shutdown in the Bronx? Gas shutdowns occur when the Department of Buildings finds an unsafe situation regarding the gas lines, gas metering or gas appliances in your residential building.

Reasons for Gas Shutdowns Bronx

In general, gas shutdowns occur when a hazardous condition has been found by an inspector. Hazardous conditions include:

  • Improperly installed gas lines
  • Smells of gas or “rotten eggs” in the building is a gas leak.
  • Improper ventilation of a gas appliance.
  • No permits pulled for a gas line installation.

Hazards of Improperly Installed Gas Pipes and Appliances

Having improperly installed and maintained gas lines and gas appliances is extremely hazardous.

  • Gas Leaks
  • Fires and Explosions
  • Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

How Do You get a Gas Shutdown Bronx Violation

The process starts with an inspection. This could be a scheduled inspection of your building because you’re having work performed on your gas lines, or it could be due to a resident, neighbor or visitor noticing the hazardous condition and making a phone call to the New York Department of Buildings.

What to Do When You Get the Violation

Once you receive your violation, read it carefully. It will note the date of the violation, the building where the violation occurred, the type of violation and the date by which the violation must be corrected. It may also contain a hearing date. If the violation does have a hearing date, you must appear on that date or someone who is able to represent you must appear.

Correcting gas Shutdowns Bronx with John Farr

If you have received a violation and experienced a gas shutdown, John Farr can help. He has been correcting gas line violations in New York City for more than 30 years. John Farr will:

  1. Explain how to solve your gas issues.
  2. Schedule an appointment.
  3. Determine a course of action to correct the problem.
  4. Pull the appropriate permits.
  5. Correct the problem and ensure the gas lines meet the current NYC building codes
  6. Provide you with all the paperwork you need to have in order to submit the Certificate of Correction to the NYC DOB


To get your gas shutdowns Bronx corrected or if you need help correcting OATH violations for plumbing systems, including gas and water, John Farr can help. To get John Farr’s DOB plumbing violations removal service and bring your building back up to code and for assistance with illegal basement violations, gas company violations, gas boiler violations, or any NYC Department of Buildings plumbing violations in NYC, call John Farr at 917-324-2535.
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