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Illegal basements in NY

Understanding Illegal Basements in NYC

If you own or are renting an illegal basement in New York City, you could be subjected to court appearances, criminal penalties and hefty fines. You may even be forced to evict your tenants. If you know you have an illegal basement apartment or if you’ve been given a violation notice for an illegal basement apartment, it is in your best interest to correct the errors with the help of a licensed master plumber.
Understanding Basement and Cellar Conversions

New York City defines a basement as a structure that is partially below ground and partially above ground. A cellar is defined as a structure that is more than half underground.

  • Basement – Can be converted into an apartment if certain conditions are met.
  • Cellar – Can never be used as a rental dwelling.

How Illegal Basement Apartment Conversions Are Found

Illegal basement and apartment conversions are typically found when the city is alerted to a hazardous condition within a dwelling. Upon finding the illegal basement apartment, the inspector will issue a notice of violation. If the dwelling is located within a basement, the building owner can opt to perform the necessary repairs in order to bring the unit up to code. If the dwelling is located within a cellar, it often cannot be brought up to code because requirements for windows and exterior exits cannot be met.
Common Illegal Apartment Violation Reasons

Violations for illegal basement apartments are usually DOB violations, and they are typically classified as Class A, which is a hazardous violation. An illegal apartment violation can be issued for a variety of reasons, including not enough ceiling height and not enough windows or egresses. However, the most common violations are usually related to improper and unpermitted plumbing installations.
NYC Illegal Basement Fines

If you fail to correct the issues listed in your violation notice, you will be subjected to ECB Court fines.

Illegal Basement Violation Removal with John Farr

John Farr is a licensed master plumber who can help you remove your DOB and HPD  violations. He has more than 20 years experience in correcting unpermitted and faulty gas and water line installation in basements so that you can lawfully rent your basement apartment. He can even take care of emergency leaks and help you get your gas service restored.

To contact John Farr for your illegal basement violation removal, dial 917-324-2535. He is available 24 hours a day for emergencies and always personally answers each call.