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Did you know that New York City requires certain construction workers and their supervisors to complete OSHA 10training? This particular law took effect on July 18, 2018, and is known as Labor Law 220-h. This training course is essential and required because you do not want your plumbing or general contractor to create violation while they are fixing your current DOB, ECB and gas company violations.

NYC, OSHA 10 and LAB 220-h

LAB 220-h states that a contractor under contract for a public work that has an estimated cost of at least $250,000 must send all of their employees, supervisors and subcontractors to OSHA 10 training, and the proof must be attached to the next payroll. If a new employee is hired, they must complete the course and provide documentation on the next payroll.

Understanding OSHA 10 Training

OSHA 10 training pertains to the safety of the job site and eliminating worksite hazards. It is a 10-hour course that contains in-depth information on preventing falls, personal protective equipment, electrocution information and the inspection procedures of OSHA inspectors as well as other information that is pertinent to job site safety.

The Importance of LAB 220-h Compliance When Resolving DOB and ECB Violations

Under the New York building code, the contractor you hire must have completed OSHA 10 training in order to reduce the risks of injury to a person or damage to the building. In other words, the contractor must be well-versed on subjects highlighted in the likes of these tool box topics and trained on the best practices of worksite safety. If a contractor or construction worker does not practice worksite safety and it results in an accident or injury, this could result in a lawsuit. You can visit Frekhtman & Associates for more information on this. Furthermore, if an OSHA inspector enters the job site and finds violations, he or she could shut down the work until the violations are corrected. This is just one more headache to deal with before your ECB violation, DOB violation or gas company violation is corrected. Not to mention, it could delay the completion of work, and if you have a violation, you know that the work must be completed by the date on the violation notice.

John Farr – OSHA 10 Compliant, Master Plumber

Master Plumber, John Farr, is OSHA 10 complaint. He has taken the OSHA 10 worksite safety course for contractors and has his certificate of completion. This means that when he arrives at your building to correct a DOB or ECB violation, you can expect the job site to be organized, clean and free of OSHA violations while be completes the repairs to your plumbing system and/or gas lines to bring your building up to code with the current NYC building codes.

For more information on ECB, DOB and gas company violations and to have your building violations corrected, call John Farr at 917-324-2535. He offers 10 percent discounts for seniors!