Did you know that removing National Grid violations for gas line problems involves utilizing a master plumber in NYC? They do. National Grid gas shutdowns and violations removals must be corrected by a licensed master plumber in NYC who has attained his or her Gas Operator Qualification Certificate work that needs to be performed from the main service valve up to the outlet of the Gas meter. 

Why Your Gas Company Violation Removal Now Has to Involve Hiring a Licensed Plumber with the Gas Operator Qualification Certificate 

work that needs to be performed from the main service valve up to the outlet of the Gas meter. 
Recently, the definition of gas service piping has changed. Prior to the change, gas service piping was understood to be all the gas lines up to the first fitting inside the building. Now, the definition includes everything leading up to the outlet of the gas meter bar. This means that your local plumber who does not have his Gas Operator Qualification Certificate may not be able to legally resolve your National Grid Violations even if the uncertified plumber performs the correct repairs.  

Problems Caused by Not Hiring a Certified Master Plumber 

  • Your National Grid Violation May Not Be Removed 
  • You May Be Subject to Additional Fines 
  • The Proper Permits May Not Be Pulled 
  • You May Have to Hire Another Plumber to get your Gas meter unlocked 

Benefits of Choosing a Licensed Master Plumber to Resolve Your National Grid Gas Shutdowns 

  • All Work Will Be Performed Up to Code 
  • The Proper Permits Can Be Pulled 
  • You Building Will Be Safe to Occupy 
  • You Can Get Your National Grid Violations Removed 
  • You Know the Job Was Performed Correctly  

Gas Company Violations Removal with John Farr 

John Farr, licensed master plumber, has recently completed his training to receive his Gas Operator Qualification Certificate by participating in the training provided by the Master Plumber’s Council. This means that he is experienced, knowledgeable and professionally certified to correct all types of gas company violations in New York City’s five boroughs, and he can correct your DOB and ECB gas violations in a timely manner so that you can get your building back up to code and safe to occupy.  
To get your gas company violations removed in New York City, call John Farr at 917-324-2535. he always answers his phone day or night, and he is available 24 hours a day to handle your gas violation emergencies.