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Remove Stop Work Order A stop work order is one of the most serious types of violations you can receive from the NYC Department of Buildings (DOB). They are known as SWOs, and they’re issued when a renovation or construction site is deemed unsafe. Violating an SWO can result in fines and penalties, so it’s best to contact the SWO coordinator for further instructions if they do not contact you first. This is because the coordinator can precisely tell you what’s wrong and how to remove stop work orders from your building.

Types of Stop Work Orders

Receiving a stop work order means you need to stop the work until the hazardous condition has been corrected. However, stop work orders are categorized as either partial or full. Let’s learn the differences.

Full Stop Work Order

When you receive a full stop work order from the NYC DOB, it means that all work at the site must be stopped, except the work required to remedy the unsafe or hazardous condition.

Partial Stop Work Order

A partial SWO means that a portion of the site has been deemed unsafe and no work other than the work required to improve the safety of the area is allowed. Work in other areas of the building or on the site is still allowed.

Penalties for Violating SWOs

Do you know what it means to violate a stop work order? A violation of the SWO occurs when you fail to remove the stop work order before continuing the renovation or construction. The first offense incurs a $6,000 fine. The second offense insures a $12,000 fine.

How to Get a Stop Work Order from the New York Department of Buildings Corrected

1. Read the stop work order notice thoroughly to determine if it’s a full or partial stop work order. Determine what needs to be corrected and hire the appropriate contractor.
2. Have all of the mentioned hazardous or unsafe conditions corrected by a licensed and experienced contractor.
3. If required, submit a Certificate of Correct to the NYC DOB.
4. Request a reinspection of the worksite with the SWO coordinator.
5. Pay all the fines for the stop work order.
6. Contact the SWO coordinator or department that issued the fine to have the SWO removed.

Remove Stop Work Order with John Farr

If your stop work order from the Department of Buildings in New York City is related to water or gas lines, contact John Farr. He has decades of experience when it comes to correcting plumbing building violations, and if your violation involves more than one type of contractor, John is well-versed in working with other construction and remodeling contractors in order to get your gas and water plumbing violations corrected in a timely manner. He is even available to handle notices that require correction within 24 hours.

To get your stop work order corrected or to get John Farr’s DOB plumbing violations removal service and bring your building back up to code and for assistance with your OATH violations, illegal basement violations, gas company violations, gas boiler violations, or any NYC Department of Buildings plumbing violations in NYC, call John Farr at 917-324-2535.

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