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How to Remove a Stop Work Order in NYC

Has your property recently received a stop work order? Stop work orders are issued by the Department of Buildings for a variety of reasons, including not having a permit and working in unsafe conditions.

Reasons Stop Work Orders Are Issued

There are two primary reasons that the Department of Buildings in New York City issues stop work orders, including working without a permit and working in unsafe conditions.

Work Without a Permit

When you receive a stop work order due to a permit violation. It either means that you do not have a permit, or your permit has expired. In both instances, you will not be able to resume work until you have a valid permit.

Unsafe Conditions

The work environment must be maintained in a safe manner according to all local and state regulations. If the inspector deems the worksite to be unsafe, he or she will issue a stop work order. This means that all work must be stopped. This could be because of a recent inspection or because someone was injured. If you have been injured due to unsafe conditions then you might want to speak to a law firm like the Becker Law Office to see if they can help you.

Types of Stop Work Orders

There are two types of stop work orders, according to the Department of Buildings. The first type is a full stop work order. This type of stop work order means that no work may continue on the property. The second type is a partial stop work order. This type of stop work order prohibits work in a certain area. For example, if the plumbing work in the bathroom is deemed unsafe or does not have the proper permit, work inside the bathroom must be stopped until the violations are corrected and the stop work order is removed.

Removing Plumbing and Gas Line Stop Work Orders with John Farr

When you have a stop work order on your building, John Farr understands that you need it corrected immediately so that you can continue your water line and gas line restoration or addition work. Under no circumstances should you continue work with a stop order in place. The first violation could result in a $5,000 fine. Additional violations cost $10,000 each.

John Farr has more than 20 years experience in removing stop work orders for plumbing and gas line violations, and he can help remove yours. When you call, John will listen to your plumbing issue and schedule a time to visit your property to review the stop work order and correct the violation. If the violation involves getting permits, John can get the required permits and complete the work. If the violation involves unsafe conditions, he can help you make your plumbing work area safe and fill out the appropriate paperwork to have the violation taken off your building record.

To get your illegal basement violation, gas company shutdown violation, gas boiler violation or any building violations in NYC removed, call John Farr at 917-324-2535.