Understanding and Correcting Gas Boiler Violations

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Does your tenant building have a gas boiler? In NYC gas boilers are extremely popular due to their ease of installation, long-lifespans and low cost of operation. Unfortunately, having a boiler improperly installed or choosing a boiler that does not comply with the building codes can result in a gas boiler violation and an order to shut down the system until corrections can be made.  

The Dangers of Gas Boilers  

Gas boilers pose inherent dangers if they are improperly installed and/or not maintained. The biggest risk is carbon monoxide poisoning from incomplete fuel combustion and a flue that is either cracked or too small for the unit. Cracks in the heat exchanger can also result in carbon monoxide being released into the air. Gas leaks are another cause for concern. If your gas pipes were not properly installed or if they are showing signs of excessive corrosion, they may start to leak. If you smell rotten eggs or a foul odor in your building, it could be a gas leak, and any spark can cause an explosion when there is leaking gas. 

Reasons Why You May Have Been Ordered to Take Your Gas Boiler Offline 

When you are ordered by the Department of Buildings to shut off your boiler and your gas is turned off, it is usually due to a severe safety violation that could endanger your residents. 

No Permits for a High Pressure Boiler 

All high-pressure boilers in NYC must first have a permit on file before they can be installed. This is due to the potential for hazards and safety issues if these boilers are not properly installed by a licensed and experienced contractor. 

Boiler Is Unsafe to Operate 

If the inspector finds leaks, cracked heat exchangers, corroded pipes or another problem with your boiler that could lead to carbon monoxide poisoning, a fire or an explosion, you will receive a violation and be required to shut down your boiler. In addition, the gas utility company will shut off your gas service until the violations have been corrected. 

Boiler Is Missing Safety Devices 

All boilers come with safety devices that automatically shut-off the gas to the boiler, shutdown the boiler operation and release pressure if unsafe conditions develop. If your boiler is missing any of these devices and/or if the devices are broken, you will receive a gas boiler violation by the NYC Department of Buildings. 

Getting Your Boiler Violations Corrected 

Getting a violation notice in the mail and being forced to shut-off your boiler is more than just an inconvenience. It can also be expensive. If you do not correct your violations by the deadline, you could be facing serious fines in addition to repair costs. Therefore, it is extremely important to contact a licensed master plumber that has a gas certification so that your boiler can be inspected and repaired in a timely manner. Thankfully, John Farr is licensed, insured and certified to work on gas pipes and gas boilers in New York City. He can examine your violation notice, inspect your boiler, pull the proper permits and work with other contractors in order to efficiently correct your violation by the deadline on your notice. 
To contact John Farr about your gas boiler violation, give him a call at 917-324-2535. 

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