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Gas Company Shut Off My Gas – No Heat

  If you’re like most people, you probably don’t think much about your gas company until you need them. But what happens when they turn off your gas? Can they just shut it off without any notice? In this blog post, we’ll answer those questions. We’ll tell you everything you

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Remove Stop Work Order Violations

Eliminate Stop Work Orders. One of the most serious offenses you can receive from the NYC Department of Buildings is a stop work order (SWO). When a repair or construction site is judged unsafe, SWOs—also known as Stop work orders—are issued. If you haven’t gotten a note on your door,

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Attic dob violations in NYC

Attic Conversions in New York City is a major concern. Unauthorized conversions is widespread in New York City. In reality, attics are occasionally improperly converted into rental rooms, and these improper conversions may result in Department of Building infractions that must be remedied.  Attic conversion is in violation of the

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Work Without Permit Violation  in NYC

Have you recently gotten a work without permit violation? Work Without Permit Violations occur when you have work performed on your building and did not get the appropriate permit. This can result in a stop work order (SWO), which means your project will not be completed in a timely manner.

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OATH Violations Removal NYC

Have you recently gotten an OATH violation and are wondering how to correct it? The truth is that you must correct the hazardous condition in order to remove the violation from your building’s public record. Let’s take a look at how to complete an OATH violations removal. What are the

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Gas Shutdown Bronx

Are you facing a gas shutdown in the Bronx? Gas shutdowns occur when the Department of Buildings finds an unsafe situation regarding the gas lines, gas metering or gas appliances in your residential building. Reasons for Gas Shutdowns Bronx In general, gas shutdowns occur when a hazardous condition has been

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