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Attic dob violations in NYC

Attic Conversions in New York City is a major concern. Unauthorized conversions is widespread in New York City. In reality, attics are occasionally improperly converted into rental rooms, and these improper conversions may result in Department of Building infractions that must be remedied.  Attic conversion is in violation of the

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Gas boiler violations removal

Dealing With Gas Boiler Violations in NYC When it comes to making your tenant building more attractive to prospective renters, you may be thinking about installing more gas appliances. After all, gas is natural, affordable and energy-efficient. Not to mention, gas appliances tend to last longer than electric appliances. For example,

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Cellar Violations Removal

Cellar Violations Removal As a NYC landlord, you’re probably looking for ways to increase your revenue and provide affordable housing in order to attract more tenants. One of the ways to do that is to convert a basement into an apartment. However, if you accidentally convert a cellar into an apartment,

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Understanding Illegal Bathroom Fixtures Violations

Do you have an illegal basement in NYC? For renters, illegal basement apartments can be a welcome relief to the high prices of apartments and rental homes, but they are often unsafe. If the Department of Buildings learns of an illegal basement conversion, they will place a notice on the

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Coned Violations Removal

Have you recently received a gas violation from ConEd? Gas violations can occur due to a number of reasons, including you were having work done and the inspector found a problem or one of your residents called the gas company to report a leak or a hazardous situation regarding the gas

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